1. C + M @ Court in the Square

    Seattle Court In the Square Carolyn Miguel

    C + M

    Court in the Square

    Groomsmen perspective

    Court in the Square

    Fiancee and friends

    Court in the Square Seattle

    Reception set-up

    Seattle Court in the Square

    What she order? Mini Fish Fillet

    The other Groomsmen 


    Our walking partners aka the Bridesmaids

    Cake from Macrina Bakery  ….. Bomb

    Gangnam Style



    Congratulations to my good friends Carolyn and Miguel on getting married!  I’m honored to be a groomsmen and have an intimate part in the festivities.  It was a fun celebration at the charming Court in Square in Pioneer Square.  The space is quite the historic Seattle experience with its exposed brick, floor to ceiling windows, and street lamps.  I felt like I was in a movie.  

    Here are some photos that were snapped before I got down with the Call Me Maybe dance party.    

    Macrina Bakery (SoDo) on Urbanspoon

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